Is Casino Free Credit Real Money?


Casino Free Credit - Introduction

A free credit in a casino is real money that a casino lends to its players or gamers upon request. What you should note that with gambling nothing is ever really free. Casino free credit is given to gamers for the purpose of enticing them to start playing casino games. You should understand that how this free money is given is determined by the casino. You have no say how to use free money because it is a property of the gaming house.

Spend Free Credit as Suggested

You may be allowed to only play particular games and winnings derived from free gaming may be required to be used for gambling. If it happens that you need to withdraw your winnings, you may be required to fulfill some particular wagering requirements.

Casino Determines the Casino Free Credit Amount

The amount of casino free credit offered tends to differ from one casino to another. Some of them offer huge free credit while others simply offer a few dollars. Also, appreciate the fact that the free credit amount set by a casino cannot be challenged in any court of law.

Determining of Free Credit

The amount of casino free credit that a gambler is offered may depend on the credit history and the checking account available cash. Often casinos check the credit rating of their clients through major credit bureaus. Recognize that this casinos check may show up as an inquiry on credit report. If your credit report has to any inquiries then that can negatively impact your "FICO" score. As you probably know by now, a "FICO" score is relied on by lenders for the purpose of determining your creditworthiness.

Advantages of Free Casino Credit

One of the main advantages of the free credit given by the casino is that you get a loan that is interest-free. There is also no casino transaction fee. You should compare this situation to when you get the advance credit cash or use the casino ATM, with their whooping fee. If a casino customer can properly utilize this free money without misuse, then this is an area that can enable you to take advantage of the policy of the casino. You also have the advantage of having funds available 24/7 whenever you want to gamble. If you forgot to go to the bank, you still have a way to get money for gambling. Moreover, this can also help in minimizing the possibility of accidentally losing your hard-earned cash or becoming a victim of crime.


You should always remember that if you take a marker then you must repay it. In case you fail to pay the marker, the casino will be able to submit to your particular bank for checking account payment. If you do not have the funds required, then the casino, like any other company, will go after your existing assets. It is a crime for a person not to pay a gambling debt.

If you do not qualify for casino credit either because you do not have a sizable checking account balance or you have a credit rating that is poor, you still have options. A player is able to deposit upfront cash with the gaming house and then used as required.

In conclusion, always remember to only risk money you can afford to lose.