Most Common Casino Games Can Be Found


Casino Games - Introduction

Everybody really loves to play casino games, apart from winning various bonuses it gives an entertaining opportunity where we can spend our leisure time and have fun. Below is a list of 6 common casino games;


Slot refers to a number of machines which usually play different games. The player first inserts a coin in the machine and then press a button or pull a handle. This makes the wheels to move and when the wheel stop, now the player is paid according to the pattern of symbols and the amount he had placed a bet on.


Poker is a game based on five cards hand. Here the player who gets the best hand is one who wins. There are various versions of poker like Texas Hold'em, 5-card draw, Texas Hold'em, 5-card stud, Omaha Hold'em, and 7-card stud.


This is the most common casino games. In roulette, the player is supposed to place his/her a chip on the table on a place of their choice. This table is made up of number 0 to 36 plus 00. You can also bet further for the following options; red/black, even/odd, in the first column, second column or in the third column and low 18/high 18. The dealer will signal no more placing of a bet before the roulette ball starts rotating, eventually, the ball shall land in the numbered slots on the wheel and for all those bets that correspond with the number wins.

Wheel of fortune

In this game, the player usually places a bet by selecting 1 to 6 symbols. Thereafter the wheel is spun. Usually, this wheel is divided into 52 equal sections which are surrounded by pins. Now when the wheel stops rotating, the pointer will face between 2 pins. All bets that are placed on the symbol where the wheel stop, wins the bet.


In this game, the player has three options; Banker, Player, and Tie. When all the players have placed their bet, the dealer takes out two 2 cards hands, one of them being the banker while the other is usually in the players' hand. Finally, the hands are now added up. By any chances that hands totals are above ten, the ten is usually dropped. The hand that totals is equal to ten becomes baccarat or a 0. The winning hand is that which is higher than two and anyone else who had placed a corresponding bet wins.


Bingo is a kind of a game whereby the players try to match randomly picked numbers to the numbers they have on their cards. This card comprises of 5.5 matrices whereby each column is usually represented by the letters B.I.N.G.O. The square position at the middle is referred to as a free square. Now the first player to be able to make a specific pattern on a straight line calls out "Bingo'. The dealer checks out the accuracy and thereafter the winner is announced and this marks the beginning of another round.

Casino Games - Conclusion

Gone are the days which casino was only rich people, it is now available online, a common man can indulge in it and get fun and some money out of this casino games. So polish your skills on the above common games and reap maximum benefits from them.