Reasons That Why People Are Choosing Online Gambling


Introduction - Online Gambling

When gambling started in 1994, few people gave online gambling a chance. Just over two decades later, however, online gambling has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. There are currently millions of players who gamble almost exclusively online. Even players who used to gamble in land-based casinos are also shifting to online gambling and online casino sites.

Why Choose Online Gambling?

Increased accessibility of the Internet the world over has certainly helped accelerate this growth. However, it is not the only factor behind the exponential growth of this industry. There are many other reasons. Here is a look at some of the reasons behind the massive popularity of online gambling.

Online gambling is convenient

Something is convenient if you can have it at the time and place of your choice. For land-based gambling, you have to travel to the casino any time you want to gamble. Sometimes this involves traveling long distances especially if there is a ban on gambling in your region or country. Gambling online is much more convenient because you can play at any time and place. All you need is a phone or computer and a casino software. You can log in and play in the comfort of your home and office or even in restaurants. As long as you feel like playing it does not matter what time it is or the place you are.

Online gambling is cheaper

Gambling in traditional brick and mortar casinos involves a lot of costs. There is the traveling cost which can be significant if you are traveling to a place that is far away from your home. You may also need to book a room if you intend to gamble for days. The larger gambling bets in offline casinos also mean that you need to have significantly more money when gambling in land-based casinos than when gambling online. The costs incurred when gambling online are significantly less. There is neither transport nor room costs. Moreover, the bets are usually small. For many sites, you can bet with as little as a dollar unlike most offline casinos whose required an amount to bet.

Online gambling has more variety

Due to personnel and staff constraints, land-based casinos often have just tens or a few hundred games. They do most of their investment in most popular and newest games. That is not the case with online casinos. They are constrained by neither personnel nor space. They can, therefore, have thousands of games. They also have multiple variations of any game you may want to play. For instance, they may have more than a hundred slot variations and more than five black jack variations. Thus, with online gambling, you get to play the exact game and variation that you want.


It's not hard to see why online gambling has grown tremendously over the past two decades. It's simply cheaper, more convenient, and has more variety of games than land-based casinos. Granted, offline casinos still remain popular because they offer other forms of entertainment in addition to gambling. However, for those interested in gambling alone, the reasons for playing online are more compelling than those for playing in traditional brick and mortar casinos.