Online Live Casino - Things You Need To Know


Online Live Casino - Introduction

You could be a veteran online live casino gambler or just an amateur player trying to get it right in the gambling industry- it doesn't matter, the one question is, do you really know the technology behind live casinos?

If this got you thinking, "Well, how does it really work?"- Then we've got you covered. Online live casinos just like land-based casinos are operated by casino dealers, however, the flow of events may vary slightly. Here are some of the things you probably didn't know about live casinos. Read on to get started.

Online live casinos use some advanced technology

Perhaps you have guessed that technology is part of this gambling affair. Well, you're right, but what you possibly don't know is how it works.

It's through the optical character recognition (OCR) technology that the system can detect the cards and present them to you so you can conveniently make the next move. Here, special software basically converts the characters on the roulette wheel or cards into strings of binary data which are then sent to the live players.

Communication is well defined

If you've played any live casino game, then you can confirm that communication between the live dealers and the players is well structured. Players can ask questions through the live chat feature on the screen where they get instant assistance. They can also communicate with each other via this live chat just like in a real casino setting.

High-quality cameras are behind the high-quality videos

Live casinos on the internet operate with top-flight lenses to ensure the best of streaming and video specifications. Such cameras are often present in a number of casino rooms where streaming takes place live.

Online live casino dealers are well-trained

Since these people will be handling cards and money in your absence, they must be well-trained and qualified for the job. You must be wondering if they are courses for live casino dealers- the answer is yes. All dealers must complete certain courses in public relations and casino dealership just to make sure they won't mess around with your money. A typical course will take about six weeks of intensive training from handling the cards to the advanced casino rules and regulations.

Only the best appear in front of cameras

You're probably thinking this is kind of unfair- well, it's unfair but in a good way. Looks, appearance, and personality all play a critical role if a dealer is to operate the game and be aired live before the players. No live casino would like a dealer who gets offended with the slightest provocation. Keeping a smiley face and a seductive body language is part of the job description. So you know, the next time you see that attractive lady smiling suggestively- she's obviously not interested in you.

Online Live Casino - Conclusion

Needless to say, online live casinos offer unmatched gambling experience where players enjoy winning from the comfort of their home environment. Unlike ordinary casinos, running a live casino is quite expensive. The technology in play is costly besides the high-priced employees, game tables, etc.