Play Top Fishing Game in Best Online Casino Malaysia

Our exciting fish shooting game will take you to a new level of excitement in online casino game Malaysia. Through the game fishing on 12Play best online casino, you will instantly turn up to a beautiful underwater world where there are a variety of adorable and colorful sea creatures. You will be taking to explore mysterious deep ocean for hidden treasure. This online fishing game will open a new online gambling experience for players as there are no reels like slots game to spin. Players will be winning by using a weapon to shoot the fishes under the water. It’s simple to play!

How to Play Fish Game Online

Fishing games are simple to play and it is accessible for online gamblers of all skill levels. To start the game of fishing, first you need to choose the weapon you want. Players just need to use their weapon to aim the barrel at the fishes you have chosen to hunt, and start shooting the fishes. You earn points for every fish you catch. Players will be rewarded for hunting Special Fishes such as Laser Crab, Drill Crab, Wheel Crab, Flash Jelly Fish and many more. Hence, act as a fish hunter, shoot down as many high-scoring fish as you can and earn as many points as possible to win unlimited coins. Try to full use up the special features you get to catch more fish!

Win Real Money on Shooting Fish Casino

Before you start to play real money on your fish game online, you are required to choose your difficulty level to set your bet limit.

The lowest level is known as “Junior”, which will allow you to bet 0.01 to 1 credit. Then we come to “Expert” which is medium level, allowing you to bet 0.1 to 5 credits. The highest level is called “Godlike”, is even more challenging which allows you to bet 1 to 10 credits.

Beginners are suggested to choose the lowest level “Junior”, which is the minimum bet limit, to begin their journey for fish hunting.

Symbols of Fish Game in Malaysia Online Casino

The most amazing thing about the fish shooting game is its unique visual style and graphic quality. They appeal to the players’ eyes, which in turn makes them want to stay and enjoy the underwater world. The symbols in this fishing game are all from different kinds of ocean creatures such as lobster, crab, turtle, jellyfish, clownfish, swordfish, octopus, angelfish, stingray, pufferfish and many more. There is also a symbol with top special features in our online fishing game, which is the golden dragon, “Ocean King”.

Bonus Features when Hunting Fish

Casino bonus features ramp up your huge winning potential when playing our fish hunting games. They can increase your online gaming experience level at our online gambling casino. Below, we take a closer look at the different fish shooting bonus features, how they impact on the player experience, and which Special Fishes offer the best bonus features.

Laser Crab

You will win up to 120x your bet and an Electro-Magnetic Cannon. The range of this cannon is wider and would be able to hunt fishes along the straight direction across the pool.

Drill Crab

You can win up to 120x your bet and a Drilling Cannon. The cannon will hunt fishes along the launch path of the pool until it explodes.

Bomb Crab

You will receive up to 120x your bet. Once you shoot it down, the bomb will explode and hunts the fishes within the explosion zone.

Wheel Crab

You can win up to 300x your bet. Once caught, it will spin the 3-tier wheel and grant special features.

Flash Jelly Fish

You will receive up to 120x your bet. Once caught, its electric will be released, which will randomly strike the fishes across the pool.


You will be armed with a Rapid Fire Cannon and receive 60 to 100 bullets. When the bullets are finished, the firestorm mode will end.

Golden Fortune Bag

You will get rewarded up to 200x your bet. Once you have took down, you can choose one Fortune Bag from the treasure chest and get prizes from it.

Dragon King’s Treasure

Win grand prizes from 10x to 300x your bet when you shoot Dragon King down. When he appears, players must work together to take him down to win the treasures & lucky bonuses.

Game Provider of Top Online Fishing Game

Our online fish game, “Fishing God” is powered by Spadegaming. Spadegaming was founded in 2007 and has become the leading gaming software developer in Asia that offers a wide variety of video games. Spadegaming developer has made this fishing game online a unified and modern look with distinctive features. Their interesting shooting fish features make them become one of the most famous online casino games in casino online Malaysia.