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How to Play and Win Baccarat in Singapore?


Baccarat Singapore

Baccarat Singapore is among the major online casino games played in the country. It is not only played as a recreation but also as a betting game that can lead to winning some cash. Baccarat playing and winning rules are simple, clear, and automatic. Hence, the dealer might act without players consult. The following discussion shade lighter on playing as well as winning baccarat.

How to Play Baccarat Singapore

To play baccarat, 2 hands, the banker and player are dealt. Two hands are always dealt no matter the number of participants on the table. The trick here behind baccarat is to bet which hand among the two will have a total score close to 9. Players place a bet before sides are assigned the amount from the minimum to the maximum. There exist 3 options for players to bet against that is, player hand, tie or bank hand.

Baccarat Singapore is played with a complete deck of cards either 8 or 6. The dealer shuffles the cards then placed in the shoe (a special kind obox). The players are supposed to pass the shoe counterclockwise to rotate the deal around the table. As much as the bankers hand maintains giving a win to the same person, the player can be a banker.

How to win Baccarat

The bankers hand is represented for a player having the shoe though in many instances players takes no more risk, therefore, casino maintains to be the ultimate banker. When the player dealing acts as a banker, he or she is not obliged to wager a bet on the banker's hand. The dealer deals four cards with the faces down, two on the player hand and other two on the bankers hand. A player who places the highest amount on the player hand becomes the first one to be allowed to see the player hand.

If any hand has a score totaling to the highest score (8 or 9), this is considered natural, and the dealer immediately stops the cards dealt. But if that is not the case, the dealer instructs drawing of another card (a third one) depending on the individual card value.

Playing baccarat Singapore is simple, place a bet, and that is all. Once the bet is placed, that is the beginning and the end, no more chance can make any other decisions but only wait for the results. After bet placing, both hands are dealt under the baccarat drawing rules to obtain the results. The fixed rules of baccarat will finally result in the hands of either 2 or 3 cards.

Casino dealer monitors closely the player and bankers hands totals and announces the winning hand. A winning hand is a hand holding 2 or 3 cards with a total close to 9. Nine is the highest score in any baccarat, and naturally occur when the overall score of the 2 cards is 9. Whenever a tie occurs, bets are returned to the owners. That is all about playing and winning baccarat Singapore.


Playing baccarat might seem straightforward that none could expect, but to win more and avoid losing money trying to learn, you must have prior knowledge. The rules are assumed that anyone playing knows them but messing with can attract severe consequences. The guide above shade light on how to play baccarat not only for fun but also for winning some cash.