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8 Tricks to Avoid When Playing Online Casino Singapore


Casino in Singapore - Introduction

Finding people in a casino in Singapore is a common thing today as gambling has become very popular in Singapore. This is despite the stringent rules that have been implemented to control gambling and even make it an illegal practice in many parts of the world. With advanced technology, the gambling business has seen some improvements in recent years. For instance, online casinos are a trend that is being picked up fast in any parts of the world. It is attractive to many mostly because it is convenient, and you can gamble anywhere at any time. However, the rules of the online casinos and the normal casinos are generally the same depending on where you are gambling.

Casino in Singapore - 8 tricks to avoid when playing online casino Singapore

There are some tricks that many people have tried to use in Singapore online casinos to win but they have landed them in jail or other serious consequences. Here is a list of the top 8 tricks you should not try to pull off in an online casino in Singapore.

1. Past posting

This is simply the act of slipping in your bets after the dealer has already announced the results of the bet. While this may appear to be smart, it is very easy to get caught and one can be jailed for a period of one month for cheating.

2. Getting free playing credits by taking advantage of systems error

This may appear convenient because online casinos are basically run on machines that may experience technical difficulties. These difficulties may create a loop through which you can get free playing credits without being easily discovered. In Singapore, when you get discovered, you will be sentenced to a period of 1 year to 26 months in jail.

3. Making illegal deals with the dealer

Many people make these deals in order to be able to see the last card in the deck. This can be easily discovered and once you get caught, you can be jailed for 4-12 months.

4.Card swapping

This is a trick that many people use to increase their chances of winning. Do not use this trick in an online casino Singapore because when you get caught, you can be jailed for 2-6 months in jail.

5. Recording the play patterns of the slot machines

This may seem resourceful because you are able to predict the expected payout of the slot machines. However, do not try this on an online casino in Singapore because getting caught attracts a jail term of 22 months.

6. Making deals with the dealer to get extra chips

You can make a deal with the dealer to give you extra chips to cash out or overpay on the bets you win and not take any when you lose. However, when you get caught, you can be sentenced to 15 months in prison.

7.Making the players on the table believe that they have lost and then cash their chips

This is a common trick many people use but when you get caught on an online casino in Singapore, you can attract a jail term of about 7 months.

8.Stealing the card sequence or replacing the card sequence on the machine.

This can attract sentencing of 12-17 months in jail when you are caught.


Committing casino frauds on an online casino Singapore can lead you to be arrested and sentenced without a warrant. Above are the top 8 tricks you should not use on an online casino in Singapore to get a high payout because they attract heavy penalties.