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Different Types of Online Sports Betting Games in Singapore


Introduction - Sports Betting Singapore

Many people around the world enjoy sports betting Singapore. They enjoy the excitement of placing a wager and experiencing a win. There are many sports that you can place stakes on. They are represented in online gambling sites through realistic slots. These games are very easy to play. Even better, they provide you with a wide range of bets that you can make. Here are some different types of online sports betting Singapore which you can play.

Types of online sports betting

1. The total line bet

This is another popular type of wager. In the total line bet, a specific number is compiled. It represents the final score of a match between two players or teams. You can then bet over or under this number. In some sports such as soccer and basketball, you can bet on the half time and full time scores.

2. The straight bet

This is the most basic type of online bet that you can make. In a sports betting game, there is a betting line. This is also referred to as a point spread. You can choose to bet on a favourite team or player. By doing this, you give up points. You can also place a stake on the underdog. This obliges you to get some points.

In the straight bet, the favourite player or team needs to win the game by a factor that is more than the point spread. By doing so, players who bet on the favourite get to cash in. On the other hand, the underdog needs to win so that the people who bet this way can win. The underdog can also lose by a factor which is less than the point spread. This allows those who bet this way to win the bet. If there is a tie in this type of bet, it is regarded as a push. No money is won or lost.

3. The head-to-head bet

Some sports such as golf and NASCAR offer a special type of bet. It is known as the head-to-head bet. It is a bet placed between just 2 challengers. The one who completes a tournament or a race in a higher position win. In a head-to-head bet, your pick is either a winner or a loser. To add a handicap to the game, some sportsbooks add a money-line to the bet. This type is often very exciting.

4. The parlay sports betting Singapore bet

This is a compound bet. It is made up of two or more bets strung together into one. Most sportsbooks allow players to string together a maximum of 12 bets. The odds on a payout are adjusted according to the total number of bets which you pick. In a parlay bet, the trick is that all your stakes must win, or the entire set is lost. This type of bet is high risk/high reward.

5. The money line bet

This is a straight-forward type of bet. In the money line bet, you pick a specific team and bet that they'll win clean without any point spread whatsoever. In this bet, the risk involves the amount of money which you have staked versus the cash you can win if you side with the underdog. The money line bet is commonly used for all types of sports. However, it is especially implemented in hockey and baseball.

6. The teaser bet

This is a tweaked parlay bet. In a teaser bet, you can still combine multiple bets together. However, you can adjust the point spread in your favour. This is so that you can achieve a lower payout overall. This type of bet can reduce a payout from 6 - 1 to 2 - 1. However, it minimizes the risk of loss.


Betting on games is always very exciting. There are many types of wagers or stakes which you can make. Some of them are explained above. They make online sports betting Singapore much more exciting!