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How to Place Sports Bet on Singapore Online Sports Betting


Singapore Online Sports Betting - Introduction

Singapore sports betting falls under the online betting and gambling sector that's rapidly gaining popularity in the country. With the many online sports betting sites being launched, the betting experience is progressively getting better. The act of placing a wager with any Singapore sports betting firm is often an easy and straightforward process.

Singapore Online Sports Betting - How to bet

Once you've identified the best site to bet on, all you got to do is select the games and the amount to stake. Many online sports betting firms, however, doesn't limit the betting experience to the online platforms; some offer betting services through telephone/mobile services while others have physical sports books or casinos. Here is how you can comfortably place a sport bet in Singapore.

Casino Sportsbooks

Physical casinos in Singapore are regulated by the Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore. Some of the reputed Casinos in Singapore are state-owned such as the Marina Bay Sands and the Resorts World. To place your bet in these casinos, you just hand in your bet slip and the cash on the counter. The cashiers will then confirm the odds and you're good to go. When the bet mature, you'll go and pick the amount. While this is quite unpopular as compared to online sports betting sites; bettors still embrace this mode of betting.

Online Singapore sports betting sites

This is the most common and highly preferred sports betting mode. Here, there's no cash, no driving to a casino and no headaches of collecting money. Everything has been customized for you. Choosing the right online sports betting site is often the first step before placing any wager. With online betting, you can choose to bet on both local and international sports with no restrictions.

Licensed Bookmaking shops

Singapore's gambling rules aren't so well-defined. Public gambling is often considered illegal while betting on certain booking shops is considered a totally legal affair. While choosing any Singapore sports betting shop, consider the laws of the land so you don't get yourself in trouble. Some of the common Singapore bookmaking shops include the government-owned Singapore pools and the Singapore Turf Club.

Telephone betting sites

Online betting sites sometimes prefer using this mode to drive their betting services. In places where accessing the internet is a bit of a challenge, telephone betting comes in handy. Here, all you need to do is call or use messaging services to place a bet with a Singapore sports betting site. More often, the odds are updated on the site, so players just need to place their wages after confirming if there are any changes.


One of the reasons as to why many online betting firms choose to diversify their betting options is to make sure they reach out to as many customers as possible. In an era where the Internet is considered a norm, any sites often assume that everyone can access a steady internet. This is often not the case. Some of the best Singapore sports betting sites understand these challenges and they diversify the sports betting experience to cover the above four options.