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Online Casino: What is Live Casino In Singapore?


Live Casino Singapore - Introduction

Have you ever heard of an online casino in Singapore? Singaporeans tend to be up with technology, so I suspect you have. They're also called live casinos.

A live casino Singapore is a virtual casino where you can play casino games over the internet instead of visiting a casino in person. Accessing a virtual casino requires nothing more than a Wi-Fi connection and a computer, tablet, or smartphone and your wallet! This new virtual entertainment ensures you can play your favourite casino games at any time of day or night. You don't even need to be in Singapore to place a bet with a live casino in Singapore. It's flexible, modern day gambling that fits in with your timetable.

Live casino Singapore - Four types of casino

There are four different types of live casino Singapore, all based on how games are delivered.

1. Download casinos

In the earliest days of virtual gambling, people needed to download large software files in order to play casino games. If you had a slow internet connection, you might instead install software from a disk. Although these download casinos are still around, they are less popular these days because there are easier options now

2. No-download casinos

As the name says, these live casino Singapore do not require users to download software. While the earliest no-download games had some problems (slow and prone to glitches), things have changed since 2001 when they first came in. Faster Internet speeds and the introduction of more reliable languages like HTML5 and Flash have improved the usability of games in no-download casinos. Nowadays, they are just as good as the download versions.

3. Mobile Casinos

A survey by Deloitte's Global-Technology, Media 8 Telecommunications (TMT) in 2015 showed that Singapore ranked highest globally for smartphone penetration. While a few years old, this survey demonstrates Singaporeans avid love of technology. This is great news for live casinos in Singapore because mobile phones enable users to gamble in mobile casinos. Hundreds of games can be played right from your smartphone handset, using just your browser to get started.

4. Casino Apps

There are apps for every possible entertainment niche these days, including gambling. Casino apps are available for both Android and Apple devices. You can take advantage of a strong graphical interface while playing your favourite games. Apps will normally store your log in information too, so all you need to focus on is which roulette numbers to call! If you're a traveller, just be mindful that some countries block people from downloading these apps.


Whether you're just exploring the world of gambling or you're a veteran high-roller, an online casino in Singapore will suit you. Provided you are tech-savvy, you can sign up in seconds. Be careful of your safety and security by selecting a casino with a legal gaming license and games audited by third-party firms. Once you've chosen your favourite live casino in Singapore, select your games and get started. Good luck!