Sports Betting Singapore


Introduction - Sports Betting Singapore

In Singapore, sports betting is legal with only a small restriction. There are several online bookies that Singaporeans can use, that is from sports betting website to online sports betting Singapore site. However, Singapore pools is the only legalized online bookie for Singaporeans. Despite of that law, Singaporeans are not bound to any law of preventing them from using the foreign online bookmarkers. For that reason, there have been reputable bookmakers from British who are offering an online sport betting site as well as a sport betting website which offer promotions, better odds, and bonuses than the Singapore pools.

Singapore betting odds used in sports betting Singapore

Around the globe, there are several types of odds format. Some of these formats include European odds, Malay odds, Indonesian odds, and American odds. The common used odds in strongsports betting singaporestrong is the European odds. The type of odd format is also referred to as decimal odds and is the basic format used by the Singapore pools and supported by almost all international online betting sites.

The decimal odds give a representation of how much the player will be played, which is the stake plus win on any winning bet. For instance, if the odds are 150 and you bet with $400 and fortunately you win; you will get back $400.1 50 = $600. That means your stake which was $400 will be returned to you; therefore, the profit is $200. When in Singapore, ensure you change the odds format to decimal or sometimes commonly known as European (EUR) odds for you to enjoy the experience.

How to make deposits and payouts

Now that you know about the betting odds used in sports betting Singapore, it is vital to know how to make payouts and deposits when using any foreign sports betting website in Singapore. First, when using any of the online sports betting site in Singapore, you can use two options to deposit your funds into your account. These options include internet banking and setting up an e-wallet most preferably with Skrill.

Internet banking is usually the easiest way to make a deposit. After setting up your account, all you need to do is clicking deposit and you'll already have the option of making an online bank transfer. For this option, you can use all the major banks in Singapore. The second option of setting up an e-wallet enables you to fund your foreign online sports betting site in SGD. The option works by first funding your Skrill account after which you can make a deposit to your sports betting website account. When you want to payout you can use the payout method offered by the betting site you are using.

Betting laws in Singapore

Due to the many international trade agreements that Singapore has, there are laws that govern betting in Singapore. The only law in Singapore that involves betting is the common gaming houses act and betting act. For the online betting sites, the law only allows the licensed sites to operate in Singapore. Therefore, players in Singapore can as well play using other betting sites located abroad provided they are internationally licensed - if they don't get satisfied with Singapore pools.


Singapore is the hub for most businesses in Asia. It's evident as more sports betting Singapore sites are developing daily. With this description, you can get started with sports betting in Singapore.