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Steps To Play 4D Online Betting in Singapore


4D Online Betting Singapore - Introduction Steps To play

4D online betting Singapore is gaining popularity among the gambling communities thanks to the continuous innovation in technology. With 4D betting, gambling is made easy and reasonable for those who enjoy and prefer the concept of luck to some ingenious strategies and winning tips. Nowadays, there are several licensed 4D online betting where you'll enjoy the best of gambling experience. If you're looking forward to playing this online game, we've got you covered. Below are some steps to placing your wager with 4D bets.

4D Online Betting Singapore - Understanding the concept

Before proceeding to any online gambling site, it's important to first understand the types of 4D bets and know what's compatible with your betting needs. With 4D bets, players are required to choose four digits from 0000 to 9999. It's a permutation game where winners are sought from a given combination of four numbers either in a specific order or randomly. To make sure you understand every aspect of the game, visit the site offering the game and go through their terms and conditions.

Selecting the best 4D bet type

4D online betting Singapore comes with a variety of betting options to ensure a diverse winning experience for players. Here are the main types of bets;

1. System entry

With this type, you select four digits in a given sequence and the bet cost is multiplied by the number of combinations for your selection. Here, you'll find that there are 24 combinations in four unique digits for example (1234) and 12 in 3 unique numbers e.g. (1123) and 4 combinations in 2 unique numbers e.g. (1222). This can be hard to understand for first-time players. However, it uses the simple concept of permutation.

2. 4D-Roll

This type of 4D online betting allows the player to select 3 digits of choice and one rolling digit in a specific order. The rolling digit is often designated letter IR" and represents any number from 0 to 9. The minimum bet amount for purchasing a 4D roll is $10.

The other types of 4D bets include the ordinary bet and quick bet. If the player can't think of any numbers in mind, he can use the quick pick option and the system will generate a set of random numbers.

3. Other steps to consider

When playing the 4D online betting Singapore, you must mark the draw days since the draw happens every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. There's also a place where you'll mark the digits for the bet type and bet amount.

During the draw, if the number you have chosen or bought matches the number drawn by the casino, you win. The prize money will always be as per the terms and conditions adopted by the 4D online betting.


One of the advantages of playing the 4D online betting Singapore is the level of security and guarantee of payouts. Since it's a legal gambling affair, sites offering this game are licensed and the entire gaming process is regulated. This means that the procedures for choosing a winner are genuine and trustworthy.