Top 5 Popular Jackpot Games in 12Play


Introduction – Popular Jackpot Games

The thrill of playing and winning a jackpot game is without compare. And now that you have already found the best online casino Singapore betting fans trust for this sort gameplay, it's time you learned more about your jackpot games options. For the best playing experience and the most rewarding potential wins, you should focus on playing a top 5 popular jackpot games.

Top 5 Popular Jackpot Games in 12Play

1. Captain marvel

This jackpot is a record breaker in the online casino gaming industry. A few lucky winners have bagged so much in winnings that they were instantly turned into pop culture sensations. At one time someone went home with over 10 million dollars in winnings. Being a slots game, this jackpot game is also quite fun even for less experienced online casino gamers.

2. Dragon Ball Super

This jackpot game was once made someone walk away with over 3 million dollars in winnings. If you can get three wild symbols as you play this game, you can get the jackpot bonus. However, you have to get nine helmets to get the jackpot prize. With this game, betting big also improves your chances of triggering the jackpot win. The game is also lots of fun to play, and the game is certainly worth a try if you dream of big jackpot wins.

3. Avengers

This jackpot game is quite hit among jackpot lovers for its amazing wins. A Swedish winner of this game in 2015 managed to clear his mortgage in one go, and he still had plenty left over for other things as well If you want a jackpot game that online casino Singapore fans can swear by as far as mind-boggling winning potential goes, you cannot go wrong with the Avengers jackpot game.

4. Football Mania

Just to put things into perspective, the biggest win someone has managed with this game was about 4.5 million pounds. This game is also quite thrilling as it comes with bonus symbols, wilds, and many other exciting gameplay options. The RTP on this game is also beyond what many other jackpots could ever give you at, over 94%.

5. Dolphin Reef

So, if you have always wanted a multi-million jackpot win, this is one of the games you should try. You will also get free spins as you play this game. The greatest winner in this game managed to walk away with nearly 4.8 million euros. So, this is a great game to get into if you dream of getting a massive jackpot win.


Jackpot games take the thrill of winning a jackpot to a whole new level. There is practically no limit on how much money you can take home after winning a jackpot game since the amount keeps adding up until one lucky winner hits the winning combination. Above are the best jackpots games to play in 12Play today, and many people have earned financial independence after winning these games. Generally speaking, jackpots get bigger with time. So, there is a possibility that you could win a lot more than most winners have managed with these top 5 popular jackpot games in 12Play.