Understanding the Odds When You Play Singapore Sports Betting


Singapore Sports Betting - Introduction

Singapore sports betting is a phenomenon that has taken the country by storm. You probably want to take part in sports betting as well. However, you do not know the rules. Or maybe, the rules confuse you. Before you start, you will have to understand the concept of odds if you want to be successful in Singapore sports betting.

This article will explain to you the concept of odds in sports betting. Once you understand the odds, you can start betting.

Singapore Sports Betting - The basic concept of odds

Odds basically help you calculate the probability of a certain team or player winning. For instance, it is more likely that the team leading the premiership will win over the bottom-placed team. Thus, the leading team will have lower odds than the lowest ranked team since it has a higher probability of winning. Different betting sites display odds in different formats. The most common ones are listed below.

1. Fraction Odds

Fraction odds are represented as a fraction. Fraction odds are common in the United Kingdom. You can use fraction odds to calculate the probability of a certain team winning. For instance, if a team with 9/1 odds of winning:

First, replace the numbers with NB.

To calculate probability, use this formula. B/ (A+B)x 100. Thus, in our case,

(9+1=10), 1/10 x 100= 10%

Therefore, a team with 9/1 odds has a 10% chance of winning. It might seem complicated, but it gets easy with time.

You can also use the fraction to determine how much money you will win. The rule is, for every unit of B you stake, you stand to win an amount. For instance, in the fraction 9/1. If you bet $1 dollar and your team wins, you stand to win $9. If you bet $11 in a 4/11 fraction, you stand to win $4.

2. Decimal odds

Decimal odds are the most common types of odds in Singapore sports betting. This is because they are very easy to understand. All you need to do is multiply your stake with the decimal figure to get your total payout. For instance, if you stake $10 dollars on 22 odds, your total payout will be 22$. This payout includes your original stake.

3. American Odds

This format is not common in Singapore sports betting, but you might still find it The odds are expressed as + or - odds. Positive odds show how much you are likely to win if you place a stake of $100. For example, +220 odds will yield a total return on $220.

Negative odds show you how much you need to bet to win $100. For instance, -220 odds mean that you need to stake $220 to win $100. Your total payout will be the initial stake plus the winnings ($320).


It is the role of a bookmaker to provide the odds for a sports bet. Odds might vary across different bookmakers. You might win more with one bookmaker than another bookmaker. It is upon you to find the bookmaker with the highest odds since higher odds mean a higher payout.

You should try online betting to save you the time you would use calculating. Most online sites involved in Singapore sports betting do calculations for gamblers. All you must do is select the odds and the site will do the calculations for you