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What Is So Special About Singapore Online Betting?


Singapore Online Betting - Introduction

Gambling has been Singapore's tradition over the years, and Singapore online betting has also become prevalent among players. However, gambling in Singapore has faced a handful of challenges due to the many regulations that were initially imposed on online betting. Despite this fact, Singapore online betting continues to grow, and the country is named the highest gambling nation in Asia.

These regulations made many Singaporeans run to online casinos to gamble, causing online betting to proliferate. Despite challenges, online betting remains special since Singaporeans can access a variety of specialty casino games. This article aims at giving you insights on what makes Singapore online betting special and the regulation imposed on it

Singaporean players can access various specialty games in foreign and local casinos. This fact not only makes online betting fun and enjoyable, but it also makes betting in Singapore special.

Singapore Online Betting - Specialty games

Singaporean players can access various specialty games such as keno, bingo, virtual sports. Sudoku, and Sic Bo.

1. Bingo

This is among the most preferred games in Singapore online betting. It is a game where players match numbers. It exists in various variations, that is, European, American, and progressive variation. The European variation usually has 90 numbers and 27 spaces in its tickets. Other than being given the full house, two-line, and one-line rewards, winners are also given specialty bonuses.

The American variation, on the other hand, uses 75 numbers and 25 spaces in its tickets. Players win a jackpot once they match all the numbers. However, different patterns win rewards such as spots, hearts, and the corner. Progressive variation entails a combination of rules incorporated in both the American and the European variations.

2. Keno

This game also entails matching numbers, however much lesser numbers are involved compared to when playing bingo. The game has two variations, that is; progressive and classic. In classic keno, players usually select 15 numbers. The casino determines the rewards given. In some casinos, matching just two numbers guarantees you a cash prize. In progressive keno, a good match earns you a progressive jackpot.

3. Virtual sports

This is a casino game where real players play, and casino players get to predict outcomes. In online betting, you will find games such as virtual football, rugby, and horse racing in the virtual sports category.

4. Sic Bo

This game involves dice. Preferably, players use three dice. It is popular in Singapore online betting since it is fun and has little mental involvement. However, it is crucial for players to understand their rules and procedures.


Singaporean online betting continues to grow and remains special too. This is because players can have access to various online specialty games such as bingo, virtual sports, Sic Bo, keno, and many more, which are fun and exciting. With all these specialty games given, now you can enjoy playing online betting games with the game that suits you the most. What are you waiting for? Join us now!