Esports betting site in Singapore 2019


Esport Betting Sites

Recently, electronic sport online slot games have become hugely popular with the online audience. Known simply as esport slots, they provide different types of gaming experiences. More than 205 million people all over the globe who actively participate in esports. Esport betting sites have developed facilities which are inspired by these games. These advanced leisure programs have inspired many technological trends. Examples of these are gameplay displays, tournaments and placing wagers. The best esport online slot games enable you to experience these trends. Here are some of the best online slot games to play.

Esport Betting Sites - Best Online Slot Games to Play

1. Dota 2 slot game

This is a slot game which is inspired by the role play esport game Dota 2. This action packed game enables players to battle against each other in an online arena. The players can pick from a collection of amazing characters. They can also wage war against each other for the ultimate prize. This theme of carnage is brought to you through the Dota 2 slot game. It provides reels and symbols inspired by Dota 2. It is one of the best online slot games to play.

2. Counter Strike Global Offensive slot game

Fans of first-person shooter games can enjoy playing this one Counter Strike Global Offensive brings the battlefields of the world closer to you. It involves the latest weapons and many playable characters. It also has intriguing stories and a huge playing environment. These features are implemented in the Counter Strike GO slot game. It has all the characters and provides you with many symbols. There are also bonuses which turn the explosive action into winnings.

3. League of Legends slot game

Providing the ability to play right on the Internet, this game is full of action and fantasy. League of Legends brings together fantastic beasts, stories and landscapes for you to enjoy. These features have inspired the League of Legends slot game. It is available in esport betting sites for you to enjoy. There are various gems, treasures and powers indicated in this game. They are presented to you in form of symbols that you can spin and win.

4. StarCraft II slot game in esport betting sites

This is a fantastic game set in space. It enables you to interact with alien races from all corners of the universe. StarCraft II requires you to strategize and battle for liberty. The game has awe-inspiring visuals and a solid story. These characteristics are applied in a slot game of the same name. You can play it and enjoy the characters while gaining some winnings!

5. Heroes of the Storm slot game

This is a game that multiple people can play against each other right on the Internet. Through Heroes of the Storm, you can interact with fabulous characters from different planets. The game has inspired a 30 slot game. It is available in import wagering platforms. This slot game has all the main characters. It also allows you to experience the story while reaping rewards at the same time


Some of the most gripping electronic sports titles have been adapted into online slot games. They allow you to experience the characters' stories while spinning to win. The best online slot games on esport betting sites have described her. Pick your favourite and win today!