12Play: Best Fishing Games in Casino Online Singapore

Our fun, exciting and best fishing game in online casino Singapore will take you to a next level of excitement among all the online casino games. 12Play as a genuinely legal online casino in Singapore, you will definitely turn up to an amazing underwater world where there are millions of attractive and beautiful sea creatures when you play the best fishing game in our online casino Singapore. This fishing game is a brand-new casino online gaming in Singapore and allows players to experience and explore the mysterious hidden treasure in the deep ocean. It is the best fishing game in online casino Singapore where you only need to play using a weapon to shoot the fishes in the underwater world. Win now by joining this best fishing casino game in Singapore online gambling platform today!

Tips and Tricks Playing Online Casino Best Fishing Game

Don’t worry, it is very easy to play in the best fishing game in online casino Singapore, it is accessible for all levels of online game players, even if you are just a beginner. First and foremost, what you need to do is to pick your desired weapon in order to start shooting fish. Be focused to use your decent weapon to aim the barrel at the fishy characters you have selected, and begin your shoot! Start shooting the fishes when you are ready. From here, you will be gaining points for the fishes you hunt. Laser Crab, Drill Crab, Wheel Crab, Flash Jelly Fish and many other awards will be given to the players when they successfully hunt for Special Fishes. Therefore, aim and shoot as many high-scoring fishes as possible, in order to earn more points to win big. Also, don’t forget to fully use the special features in our best fishing game online so that it can help you to boost your points and win more. On 12Play, we will assure you will have a lot of fun when you play the best fishing game in online casino Singapore.

How to Place a Bet on Fish Casino

Please be aware that you need to select the difficulty level in order to set the bet limit, before you begin to play with real money on your best pick of game fishing in online casino Singapore.

If you are a beginner, you can select the lowest level, which is known as “Junior”, you are allowed to bet 0.01 to 1 credit. Next, we have the “Expert” level, not so hard and it’s not as easy as the junior level, just at right in the medium level, this level allows you to bet 0.1 to 5 credits. The top level is in the best fishing game in online casino Singapore named as “Godlike”, this is much more challenging, you can give a try to experience the thrills, it allows you to bet from 1 to 10 credits.

If you do not know anything about game fishing online in casino Singapore, to start your to fish hunting journey, we suggest you to choose the “Junior” level so that you can set the minimum bet limit to enjoy and experience the fun in the best fishing game in online casino Singapore.

Symbols of Fish Shooting Game

One of the amazing things about the best fishing game online in Singapore casino, is its unique visual style and high graphic quality. Symbols are one of the attractive graphics that can pull the player’s attention, they will stay and enjoy the creatures in the ocean when playing the best fishing game online in Singapore casino. All the symbols in the fish game come in variations of underwater creatures. For instance, crab, jellyfish, octopus, clownfish, angelfish, pufferfish, lobster and many different attractive ocean creatures. All these will directly appear into the eyes of the player. Apart from that, in the 12Play best fishing game online in Singapore casino, we have a special symbol in our game fishing, the Golden Dragon, also known as “Dragon King”.

Bonus Features for Fish Hunting

A huge winning potential is ramped up by attractive bonus features while you are playing the best online fishing game on our site. You will experience a different level of gaming atmosphere at our Singapore online casino. Take a step closer to find out the variety of fishing gaming bonus features that is offered by 12Play Singapore. Also, understand the impact of all these bonuses on the player experience now!

Laser Crab

Up to 120x to win in your bet. Also, an Electro-Magnetic Cannon is awaiting! This cannon provides a wider range and you will can hunt the fishes along the straight direction, and also across the pool. Find out more at the best fishing game in Singapore online casino games today!

Drill Crab

Same as Laser Crab, you will have a chance to win up to 120x of your bet and also a Drilling Cannon. What is the cannon for? The pool will explode once you shoot the fishes along the launch path of the pool with the cannon.

Bomb Crab

Receive up to 120x of your bet with the best bonus features today. Bomb Crab allows you to shoot the fishes with a bomb. The bomb will explode and fishes will be hunted within the zone of the explosion.

Wheel Crab

Wheel Crab is one of the most special features in the best fishing game in online casino Singapore. You will have a chance to win 300x your bet. It will spin the 3-tier wheel once and some special features will be given.

Flash Jelly Fish

You will be given up to 120x your bet. The electric will be provided to you once caught. You can randomly strike the fishes in the best fishing game across the pool.


In Singapore online casinos, one of the special bonus features in the best fishing game is Firestorm There are 60 to 100 bullets given with a Rapid-Fire Cannon. The firestorm mode will end once you finish up the bullets.

Golden Fortune Bag

Golden Fortune Bag is a great bonus that everyone likes where you will be rewarded up to 200x of your bet. You can choose a Fortune Bag from the treasure chest. Amazing prizes are awaiting! Sign up in the best fishing game in Singapore online casino and start playing today!

Dragon King’s Treasure

The biggest fishing game bonus is in 12Play! Want to win more in the shooting fish game? Grand prizes from 10x to 300x your bet will be given when you shoot Dragon King down in our best fishing game in online casino Singapore. When you saw the Dragon King appears in the fishing game, try your best to work together with other players in order to take the king down. This is the trick and tips to win the treasures and tempting lucky bonuses.

Game Provider for the Best Fish Hunting Game

We have a genuinely trusted leading gaming software developer in Asia, which is Spadegaming. “Fishing God”, the best online fishing game in 12Play Singapore is powered by this gaming developer. It was established in 2007, where it offers a huge different range of video games. This fishing game online on our site is designed with a modern look, interesting gaming experiences with attractive distinctive features are all created by Spadegaming. All the reasons above build up our fishing game and currently become one of the popular games in online gambling site in online casino Singapore.